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Script de traduction html2pad et pad2html

Added by Jeanne Tadeusz over 10 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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A script based on po4a-gettextize.

Once translated, it can be converted to HTML by another
script, based on po4a-translate. This is not really useful for a short page
like this one but may save some time for long ones.

You only have to enter the
name of the pad when you rename the original HTML and create the pad.

If the working directory ($HOME/Bureau/pad) does not fit your habits,
you just have to change line 43 of html2pad and line 32 of pad2html. I
made that choice because if you export the translated pad to the
"Bureau" (a rather common default setting), you just have to
drag-and-drop it into the working folder and launch the script. I have
launchers for Gnome if anyone is interested.

Right now, the original is supposed to be in French and the translation
in English, but this is easy to change. Later on, we could add a
language option.


pad-convert_0.2.deb (18.9 KB) pad-convert_0.2.deb Jeanne Tadeusz, 10/30/2013 10:33 AM
pad-convert_0.21.deb (19.5 KB) pad-convert_0.21.deb Thérèse Godefroy, 10/30/2013 04:37 PM
pad-convert_0.22.deb (19.6 KB) pad-convert_0.22.deb Thérèse Godefroy, 11/13/2013 07:34 AM
pad-convert_0.23.deb (19.7 KB) pad-convert_0.23.deb Thérèse Godefroy, 12/02/2013 06:52 PM
pad-convert_0.24.deb (20.2 KB) pad-convert_0.24.deb Thérèse Godefroy, 01/13/2014 12:34 PM
pad-convert_0.25.deb (20.5 KB) pad-convert_0.25.deb Thérèse Godefroy, 03/08/2014 02:27 PM
pad-convert_0.26.deb (21.7 KB) pad-convert_0.26.deb Thérèse Godefroy, 08/31/2014 07:46 PM



Updated by Thérèse Godefroy over 10 years ago

Description de la nouvelle version du paquet (qui ne dépend plus de po4a) :

Description: Conversion of a web page to a translation pad and back
This package contains 2 scripts and associated man pages, launchers, icons
and pad headers.

html2pad prepares a web page for the translation pad. It breaks it up into
paragraphs (strings), leaving out the tags delimiting the paragraphs, then
adds the pad header (URL of the original article, instructions to
translators, etc.).
Special features: The URLs within "a" tags are extracted and replaced with
numbers; the footnotes between "fn" tags are similarly extracted and
replaced with conventional references; long paragraphs can be broken up
into several strings with nonstandard "split" tags.
pad2html replaces the original strings in the HTML document with their
translations, removes the split tags, and inserts the translated links and
footnotes at the proper place.

Updated by Thérèse Godefroy over 10 years ago

Nouvelle version (corrige un bogue)


Updated by Thérèse Godefroy over 10 years ago

Nouvelle version (corrige 2 ou 3 bogues et modifs mineures)


Updated by Thérèse Godefroy over 10 years ago

Prend mieux en compte les images


Updated by Thérèse Godefroy about 10 years ago

Correction de bogues :
- échapper "&" dans les notes et les liens,
- séparer les balises img et video des balises bloc.
Améliorations :
- langues de destination autres que l'anglais,
- ajout d'espaces insécables dans les traductions en français.


Updated by Thérèse Godefroy over 9 years ago

Nouvelle version:
- numéros de notes entre doubles accolades au lieu de parenthèses ;
- prise en charge des balises <b> et <i> et de <insert> (balise ad hoc utilisée dans la traduction du Free Software Supporter) ;
- option pour éviter d'extraire les liens ;
- mise à jour de la doc.


Updated by Frédéric Couchet over 1 year ago

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