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Fédération du pont XMPP <-> IRC (Biboumi)

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(la première issue a été supprimée par inadvertence)

Après discussion avec un opérateur de Freenode (swant)

neox: Hi, I hope I'm not disturbing? I'm Adrien Bourmault, one of the system administrators of Chapril's XMPP service (, an initiative of April (sister organization of the FSF, that has a group with #april chan). We have set up an XMPP bridge to IRC in order to allow our users to access Freenode, among others. I wanted to know first of all if there were things we needed to make sure (so as not to disrupt Freenode's operation) and whether our service hadn't caused any particular problems so far. One of the things we've enabled identd, to help differentiate between users and prevent the whole gateway from being affected by a possible sanction on one user, but is there anything else we need to do? Thanks a lot !

swant: identd is appericiated, if you start running into connection limits let us know and we'll put you in touch with our infra team to sort out an I-line that allows more conenctions. shouldn't be much else to worry about I think :)

neox: Ok thanks, we're starting that service, so I don't think we'll have more than 50 connections at the same time

swant: you might run into connection limits with taht, but I dpn't have the numbers off the top of my head (it's slightly larger with an identd)

neox: Identd is already working, I just checked ("found identd" message). So how many users do I have to worry about? ;)

swant: Well, I don't remember what that limit is set to, heh

neox: At this time we have 15 connected users, and it shouldn't explode too quickly

swant: I'll have a quick look and see if someone from the infra team is around
swant: Ok, I spoke with the infra team and we don't think you have much to worry about, the limit is fairly high (~2K), and when you run into it the only problem you'll get is that you won't be able to create more than the maximum number of connections (we won't boot the whole thing), and when/if you run into that connection limit just drop a message and we'll look into it

Donc pas de problème, nous sommes parés pour fédérer ! Je vais donc avoir besoin d'un infratiseur pour ajouter en zone DNS la ligne :

irc             IN      CNAME   xmpp

Merci !



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Action sur la zone DNS réalisée par PoluX.
Tout fonctionne bien (et nous avons 3 utilisateurs extérieurs à ce jour)


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